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Adults-Only Amsterdam Tours

I know you are looking for naughty things to do in Amsterdam for adults! These tours below are for adults only. Professional tour guides will reveal the naughtiest secrets of Amsterdam - from tips to where buy the best weed or edibles, to the most interesting parts of the Red Light District.

Ganja Walking Tour of Selected Amsterdam Coffee Shops

Ganja walking tour is one of the most popular tours of Amsterdam Cofeeshops that deserved raving reviews. Fun, informative and practical, this tour will give you a glimpse into the history of smoking weed in Amsterdam, its former illegality and current legality. On this adults-only Amsterdam tour, you will also learn how to roll a join, which weed type is the best, as well as get practical tips on where to buy the best ganja or edibles in Amsterdam.

Famous Coffeeshops

Amsterdam has had a long relationship with cannabis. This two hour adults-only Amsterdam tour will provide you an insight into this relationship. Learn more about the legislation and its history, visit the famous cafes in the city where people purchase and smoke marijuana and learn more about the policies governing the use of marijuana in the Netherlands. Amsterdam has always had a very interesting cannabis culture. During this tour you will be able to discover a very interesting side of the city and learn more about this culture. As you travel through the city, learn more about the current and previous legality of marijuana and the future of cannabis in Amsterdam. This tour also provides you an honest and impartial view of the drug policies of Amsterdam. Through the tour you will be taken to different parts of the city and to several coffee shops and museums.

Cannabis Tour

Amsterdam is not just known for its history and its beautiful canals but also for its coffee shops. Coffee shops in the city sell cannabis openly. Thousands of people flock to over 200 coffee shops in Amsterdam to smoke cannabis. From tourist hotspots to hip and dark Rasta, there is a huge variety of coffee shops to be discovered in Amsterdam. On this naughty Amsterdam tour you will get an inside look at the coffee shop and cannabis industry of the city. This two hour tour will provide you information about the liberal policy and how it was introduced in the Dutch society. Visit the smallest and the first ever coffee shop of Amsterdam. Along the way you will also be able to see some of the most famous coffee shops in the city and learn more about seed trade. At the end of the tour you can relax, chat and enjoy a drink at one of the most famous coffee shops in the city.

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Red Light District Walking Tour

Red Light District Walking Tour

Price from: €24,00; Duration: 2 hours

This 2 hour walking tour of the Red Light Distrcit led by a professional local guide will allow you to explore the infamous Amsterdam attraction. This is an adults-only Amsterdam Red Light District tour where you will walk through the district and explore the narrow streets like Zeedijk Street as well as famous monuments throughout the area. Your guide will provide you an insight into the dangerous and fascinating history of this area. You will also be able to visit the famous Prostitute Information Center, talk to former prostitutes and enjoy a free drink as you learn more about the district.

Red Light District Crime Scenes Walking Tour

Red Light District walking tour

Price from: € 14.00; Duration: 2 hours

If you are looking for fun things to do in Amsterdam for adults, the Red Light District Crime Scenes tour will allow you to explore the Red Light District with a famous crime journalist. You will get the opportunity to learn more about the district's many crime scenes, legalized prostitution and organized crime of this area. Visit one of the city's most beautiful areas- De Wallen. Here you will learn more about cannabis plants growing in alleys, prostitutes in windows and much more. You will also explore one of the most dangerous streets in the city where every door has once been a crime scene. You will also learn more about the famous Heineken Kidnap case, one of the most infamous criminals of Holland and visit a Dutch café owned by a famous hash smuggler.

Red Light District Dinner Tour

Whether you are visiting Amsterdam on a business trip, with friends, family or your spouse, this adults-only Amsterdam Red Light District tour offers you the perfect mix of sightseeing and dining in the famous Red Light District of Amsterdam. Spend over 3 hours tasting a wide range of cuisines in different restaurants in the historic Red Light District. During this tour you will soak in the culture and the history of this neighborhood and spend an evening that you will remember for years to come. On this tour you will also have a guide to show you around the neighborhood. You will enjoy three different courses in three restaurants. Each venue offers you 3 dishes to choose from. Vegetarian options are available at all venues. Try eclectic cuisine from fusion, Asian and Netherlands restaurants and stroll through the Red Light District to enjoy the sights.

Red Light District Photo Tour

With this popular and extremely naughty Amsterdam tour, you will experience the Red Light District of Amsterdam in a completely unique way. Ideal for birthday parties, bachelor or hen nights, this tour will give you a night you will never forget! Other than visiting some of the best sights of this district you will also enjoy a 15 to 60 minute photo shoot. Your knowledgeable guide will tell you more about the history and lively stories about each place you visit along the way. Not only will you be able to see the window brothels but you will also get to see the inside of one of them during your photo shoot. Wear a trashy, sexy or funny costume, masks or wigs for a fun photo shoot to remember this night! With the perfect setting and props available, you will have complete privacy for unique photographs.

New Red Light District Tour

This two hour tour will provide you a glimpse into the future of Amsterdam's Red Light District. This guided adults-only tour will take you to the infamous neighborhood known for its coffee shops and prostitutions. During the tour you will also learn more about the living initiatives and business of Project 1012. The project was created by the city's authorities to regenerate the infamous De Wallen area which was previously known only for its cannabis cafes and window brothels. This project was established with the aim of closing down several of these. Learn more about the reception of this project, visit a few initiatives taken in the neighborhood for a unique insight into the future. This is a unique tour that provides you the opportunity to learn more about the past as well as the future of Amsterdam's Red Light District.

Red Light District Walking Tour

The Red Light District is Amsterdam's most fascinating and notorious areas and one that is very popular with tourists. This two hour adults only Amsterdam walking tour will take you to this historic neighborhood for a closer look. Walk through the neighborhood with your knowledgeable guide to see the nightclubs, bars and the illuminated windows offering adult entertainment. Although this area is known mainly for prostitution, it is also one of the oldest areas of the city. It is home to some of the most historical buildings of Amsterdam like the pawn broker's office, former town hall and the Old Church. Your guide will show you an unbiased look at the seedy nightlife of this area along with its interesting history. This tour offers you the perfect combination of fun and history as you stroll through the narrow streets of the Red Light District and look at it like never before.

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