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Free Amsterdam Attractions & Things To Do

Are there Free Amsterdam attractions and free things to do in 2014? Oh yes, there are plenty and I am going to tell you the city's best secrets. A lot of these free attractions and activities are really nice and interesting. Who doesn't want to do anything that's doesn't cost a penny ?

Are you going to spend two or more days in Amsterdam, visit a couple of museums, do a Canal Cruise and use the public transport (especially the streetcars!) ?

 IAmstardam Card or Holland Pass will save you money and time. Be a smart vacationer: and avoid the long lines and get access to plenty of museums and attractions for Free!

So here we go: Amsterdam attractions for free!

Go Dutch: Discover the markets

free things in amsterda

Take a stroll over one of the many markets of Amsterdam. The flower market, the Albert Cuypmarket, the flea market or the Art market are interesting choices. 

They all have the typical Dutch atmosphere of cosiness. Find more information about these markets on our page about shopping.

Free Lunch time concerts

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free things in amsterdam, lunch time concerts

Here is one of the most valuable free things to do in Amsterdam:

Every Wednesday from Sepember to June the Concertgebouw offers free lunchtime concerts from well-known orchestras or ensembles. The concerts start at 12.30 p.m. and last for half an hour. The concerts are very popular, so you have to be there early to get a seat, but it is worth it! Address: Concertgebouwplein 2-10, 1071 LN

The Muziektheater (or Stopera) also offers free lunch time concerts, but then on Tuesday's at 12.30 p.m. Address: Waterlooplein 22, 1011 PG

Discover the Rijksmuseum Gardens


Address: Museumstraat 1, 1071 XX

Rijksmuseum offers one of the most gorgeous free Amsterdam attractions - its beautiful gardens.  See the ponds, flowers, statues and architectural pieces. A fun and beautiful activity and it doesn't cost you ANYTHING. Pick up a printed map inside.

the Vondelpark


Address: Museumkwartier

Located a short walk from the Rijksmuseum, Vondelpark is andother popular free Amsterdam attractions. It is a park that is used by the locals to bike, run, play and walk. On most afternoons there are streetperformers.

Free Things to Do In Amsterdam - Old Centre City Walk

This is a free sample  Amsterdam tour you can do by yourself, at your convenience and at your own speed.

The Old Centre is a relative small area and easy to walk. Our Amsterdam Tour allows you to discover the Old Centre the way you want and you can use our information as guideline.

The Old Church

Address: Oudekerksplein 23  1012 GX

The Old Centre city walk starts at the Old Church, at Oudekerksplein 23.  This is Amsterdam's oldest monument. 5 centuries of architecture is visible here. Its a very popular free Amsterdam attractions thanks to its gorgeous architecture, and well worth a visit.

Some highlights are: the organ, the stained glass windows, famous graves and the gravestone floor with more than 2500 graves. Entry: 5 Euros for adults. The Holland Pass will give you free entrance.

The Red Light District

Then we cross the Red Light District, which lies between the Oudezijds Voorburgwal and the Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

The Red Light District is well known for its red illuminated windows with the working girls behind it. Walking through these small streets during the day will give you the sight of sex shops, sex museums and coffee houses.

The Waag  (weighhouse)


Address: Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR

The Waag is easy to spot on the large square. It used to be the city's medieval gates and later become the weigh house and then a guild house. This is the city's only remaining medieval fortified gate.

East India House

Address: Oude Hoogstraat 24

This building from 1606 was once the headquarters of the VOC (United East India Company), now it is owned by the Amsterdam University.

You can enter and get a glimpse if you enter through the courtyard on the left side of the street. The building itself is closed for the public, but it is nice to get a closer look from the courtyard.

the narrowest House In Amsterdam

Address: Oude Hoogstraat 22.

The city's narrowest house measures only 6,5 ft wide! There was a time that the city tax was raised on the width of  your property. That's why you can find several very small houses in this area.

free Amsterdam attraction - TheNational Monument

Address: Dam Square

The Dam is a very well known place in Amsterdam. A nice place to look around and see and hear the city traffic and noises. The monument is a remembrance for the fallen soldiers and the members of the resistance of WWII. Located at Dam Square.

Chapel of Saint Agnes

Address: Oudezijds Voorburgwal 231

The medieval Chapel of Saint Agnes is one of the few chapels that still exists after the alteratie from 1578. The protestants took the control of the churches and destroyed a lot of chapels. This chapel became a building for the university of Amsterdam.

Gebed Zonder End Alley

this photo doesnt do it justice... nice spot - Kappitein Zeppos, Amsterdam
This photo of Kappitein Zeppos is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The Gebed Zonder End Alley (prayer without end) is a very small alleyway, located in the Red Light District. In this area there used to be a lot of convents and most of them closed by the alteration of Amsterdam. There is a legend here that you can still here the murmur of prayers from the convent. This is one of the oldest parts of of the city, and one great free Amsterdam attractions. Kapitein Zeppos is conveniently located right there, so you can grab a bite.


Spui today

Spui is a very alive place to be, and one of top free Amsterdam attractions. Host to many markets, like the art market on Sundays and the book market on Fridays. Lots of terraces where you can drink something. Spui originally was the name of the water until they filled it up and paved it in 1882. On the Spui you can find the Old Lutheran Church (corner Spui and Singel), the Maagdenhuis (between Handboogstraat and Voetboogstraat) and the entrance of the Begijnhof.

Discover "the Hofjes" of Amsterdam

phbcz / 123RF Stock Photo

Address: Begijnhof 30

Hidden in Amsterdam there are several "Hofjes" or "hidden courtyards". These small communities were founded in the middle ages and provided housing for the elderly people (mostly women). The hofjes are mostly U shaped and have a yard in the middle. When you enter a hofje, you immediately feels that the time has come to a stall here. It's quiet, pieceful and yet in the center of the city.

This is a very special and silent place in the middle of Amsterdam. Beautiful small houses that are build around a courtyard and garden, gives a very peaceful impression in the middle of such a chaotic city. The Begijnhof (one of the best known city's "hofjes" (almshouses) was a place for women (Beguines) without a husband or children, but who didn't want to become a nun. Begijnhof number 34 is the city's oldest house, located at the Gedempte Begijnsloot. It was build in 1528, and today is one of the most popular free Amsterdam attractions. The Begijnhof used to be surrounded by water and accessible with a bridge over the Begijnensloot (filled up nowadays). Walk through the Spui and you will see the gate going into the Begijnhof.

Exit the Begijnhof on the south east side through the Begijnensteeg and you will come to the Kalverstraat - the biggest shopping street of Amsterdam.  For more shopping see our shopping page.

The Place to get COUPONS

There are great websites with COUPONS for free Amsterdam attractions, but all of them are in Dutch. The most well-known is: uit met korting .

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