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Visiting Amsterdam in 2023 and looking for best concerts? Take a look at this year's Amsterdam concerts and headliners so you can see your favorite performers while visiting this wonderful city! You can buy tickets to the best Amsterdam concerts, live music events, Amsterdam festivals and classical music events on this website.

Taylor Swift Concert Tour 2024 in Amsterdam

Amsterdam concerts attract people from all the Europe and further! Live music events are a staple of Amsterdam's vibrant cultural scene, and 2023 promises to be an exciting year for music lovers. From intimate jazz clubs to massive outdoor festivals, Amsterdam offers a wide range of options for those looking to experience live music. The city is known for its thriving electronic dance music scene, with several major Amsterdam festivals taking place throughout the year. Additionally, there are many venues that host international and local rock, pop, and hip-hop artists, offering concert-goers the chance to see their favorite acts in an up-close and personal setting during Amsterdam concerts. With its rich history and supportive music community, Amsterdam is the perfect destination for anyone looking to experience the best in live music.

Plus, you will find here reviews of the hottest live music venues in the city, that include Ziggo Dome, Melkweg, Paradiso, Heineken Music Hall and others. Get ready for an explosive year of live music in Amsterdam, where top headliners across various genres including rock, pop, R&B, soul and more will take center stage in 2023! For schedule of classical music, go here.

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best live concerts in amsterdam in 2023

August 1, 2023 Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha, the American singer and songwriter, is set to perform in Amsterdam in August 2023. Known for her songwriting credits on hit songs like "The Monster" and contributions to songs recorded by Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas, Rexha has had moderate commercial success with singles like "I Can't Stop Drinking About You" and "I'm Gonna Show You Crazy". Her 2016 release "I Got You" peaked at number 43 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and has over 365 million views on YouTube. As a nominee for Best New Artist at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards in 2018, Rexha's upcoming concert in Amsterdam is sure to be a must-see event for her fans.


August 7, 2023Protomartyr

Get ready Amsterdam, because in August 2023, the post-punk band Protomartyr is coming to town! Since their debut album, No Passion All Technique, released in 2012, they have been making waves in the music scene, with critical acclaim for their albums and comparisons to iconic post-punk bands such as Wire and The Fall. Their third studio album, The Agent Intellect, achieved an 85/100 on Metacritic, and has been featured in several "best of" lists. Protomartyr's unique sound blends moody atmospherics with raw garage-rock sensibilities, making for an intense and captivating live performance. The band has even caught the attention of Iggy Pop, who has called them "the best band we've got in America right now". Don't miss out on this unforgettable concert experience in August 2023!


August 8, 2023Boldy James & The Alchemist

Boldy James and The Alchemist are set to grace Amsterdam with their upcoming concert, presenting a captivating fusion of spare, melancholy, and psychedelic elements that solidify their position as one of hip-hop's most rewarding collaborations. With dynamic and kaleidoscopic production, Alchemist's signature sound blends seamlessly with Boldy James' lyrical prowess, pushing the boundaries of traditional boom-bap and bare loops. Expect to be enchanted by their performance of tracks like "E.P.M.D.," featuring creaky piano melodies, and "Speed Trap" and "Flight Risk," where James effortlessly navigates the unexpected beats and pops, creating an atmosphere both playful and melancholic.


August 9, 2023 Kula Shaker

English psychedelic rock band, Kula Shaker, led by frontman Crispian Mills, is set to perform in Amsterdam. Known for their interest in traditional Indian music and culture, they have gained fame for songs like "Tattva," "Hey Dude," "Govinda," "Hush," and "Sound of Drums." Promoting their recent album, "1st Congregational Church of Eternal Love and Free Hugs," the band's unique blend of Western rock instrumentation with traditional Indian instruments promises an enchanting and captivating concert experience.


August 13, 2023Heaven Shall Burn

Heaven Shall Burn, the German extreme metal band, is set to perform in Amsterdam in August 2023. The band members include Marcus Bischoff on vocals, Maik Weichert and Alexander Dietz on guitars, Eric Bischoff on bass, and Christian Bass on drums. They are signed to Century Media and have released eight studio albums. Their latest album, Of Truth and Sacrifice, reached number 1 in Germany. In 2012, they played shows in Australia and South-East Asia before taking part in the Impericon Progression Tour in Europe. Heaven Shall Burn celebrated their 15th Anniversary with a sold-out show in Saalfeld.


August 13 and 15, 2023Pusha T

In August 2023, American rapper Pusha T will be performing in Amsterdam as part of his tour promoting the album "It's Almost Dry." Known for being one-half of the hip hop duo Clipse and composing the McDonald's jingle, Pusha T's concert promises an incredible hip-hop experience in the vibrant city of Amsterdam. Don't miss this opportunity to witness his top-notch performance and impeccable lyricism!


August 14, 2023Kelela

Fans of Kelela will be thrilled to know that she is set to perform live in Amsterdam in August 2023. The American singer and songwriter has had a remarkable journey in the music industry, having started off as a telemarketer before quitting to focus on music. She has collaborated with various artists and labels, including Teengirl Fantasy, Kingdom, and Fade to Mind. Her debut studio album, Take Me Apart, was released in 2017 and received critical acclaim, featuring on several year-end lists and even making it into the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. Witness her unique sound and powerful vocals in Amsterdam!


August 22, 2023Joji

Joji, the Japanese singer-songwriter, rapper, former comedian, and YouTuber, will be performing in Amsterdam in August 2023. Known for his unique blend of R&B, lo-fi, and trip hop, Joji started his music career as a side-hobby. He later expanded his career by starting his Pink Guy persona, which paved the way for his Joji persona. With influences such as James Blake, Radiohead, and Shlohmo, Joji's music is inspired by his time growing up in Osaka and by boom bap instrumentals he listened to while attending Canadian Academy. Don't miss the chance to see this talented artist live in Amsterdam this August!


August 28, 2023 Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming Yeah Yeah Yeahs concert in August 2023. The band, which has recorded five studio albums, including their acclaimed debut, Fever to Tell, and the Grammy-nominated Show Your Bones and It's Blitz!, has a dedicated following. "Maps," the hit single from Fever to Tell, still resonates with fans and was named one of Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The concert promises to be a high-energy experience with the band's signature blend of punk, rock, and art-pop. With tickets selling fast, fans are advised to book early to avoid disappointment.


August 31, 2023Jasmine Myra

In August 2023, Amsterdam will host an upcoming concert featuring the talented Jasmine Myra, a saxophonist, composer, and band leader based in Leeds. With a strong presence in the bustling and diverse music scene of Leeds, Jasmine Myra has collaborated with some of the best young talents in the north of England. Her debut album 'Horizons' has garnered attention, making her a promising artist to watch. Don't miss this opportunity to experience her captivating performance and immerse yourself in the magic of her music in the heart of Amsterdam!


September 2, 2023Netta

For those visiting Amsterdam in September 2023, the extraordinary Israeli singer-songwriter and body-positive advocate, Netta Barzilai, will be performing in Amsterdam. Known for her Eurovision-winning song "Toy," she has captivated audiences worldwide with her unique style and use of a looper in her performances. Netta's Amsterdam concert will feature a dynamic setlist, including hit songs like "Nana Banana," "Everything," "Efes Maamatz," "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)," "I Love My Nails," and, of course, "Toy." Don't miss this empowering and unforgettable musical experience in the vibrant city of Amsterdam!


September 4, 2023The Kiffness

Experience an impressive and innovative concert in Amsterdam in September 2023 with The Kiffness, with a talented artist David Scott behind this name, known for creating beats from random sounds, including those of animals and humans.

This unique genre combines electronic music and parody, making it a must-see event for those who love boundary-pushing music. For animal lovers, The Kiffness's incorporation of animal sounds adds an endearing and delightful element to the performance. Both adults and kids will love it!


September 7, 2023Stephen Lynch

Attention all music fans visiting Amsterdam in September 2023! Get ready to laugh and groove to the hilarious and talented Stephen Lynch as he brings his "Time Machine" tour to the city. This American comedian, musician, and actor is renowned for his comedic songs that mock daily life and popular culture, creating a truly unique blend of musical-based comedy. Stephen Lynch's live shows are legendary, with fiercely loyal fans from all over the world eagerly awaiting each performance. The setlist for this concert includes crowd favorites like "Summer Song," "Tattoo Too," "No Meat," and many other popular songs that are sure to have you laughing and singing along.


September 18, 2023 Caetano Veloso

Don't miss the highly anticipated Caetano Veloso concert in Amsterdam this September! Caetano Veloso, a renowned Brazilian composer, singer, guitarist, writer, and political activist, will be gracing the stage. Known for his influential role in the Tropicalismo movement during the 1960s, Veloso has continued to captivate audiences with his creative genius and powerful performances. With nine Latin Grammy Awards and two Grammy Awards under his belt, Veloso is a true music legend. Mark your calendars and prepare for an unforgettable night of music and artistry as Caetano Veloso brings his mesmerizing talents to Amsterdam.


September 18, 2023Jimmy Carr

One of the best comedy events in Amsterdam in 2023, the renowned comedian Jimmy Carr takes the stage as part of his "Terribly Funny 2.0" tour in mid September. Known for his stellar performances and being the star of the UK's most streamed Netflix comedy special in 2021, Jimmy Carr is one of the UK's most beloved comedians. This concert will present his new material, which features jokes about all kinds of terrible things, showcasing black humor at its best with fearless political incorrectness. Jimmy Carr's razor-sharp wit and fearless approach to comedy are sure to keep the audience in stitches throughout the entire show!


September 23, 2023 New Order

Fans of New Order will be thrilled to know that the legendary English rock band is scheduled to perform a highly anticipated concert in Amsterdam in September 2023. Led by vocalist and guitarist Bernard Sumner, the band was formed in 1980 and quickly gained recognition, despite the shadow cast by the legacy of Joy Division. New Order's unique blend of rock, dance rhythms, and electronic instrumentation propelled them to success, and their 1983 hit "Blue Monday" remains an iconic club track and the best-selling 12-inch single of all time. As the band takes the stage in Amsterdam, fans can expect a captivating performance that showcases their enduring musical legacy.


September 24, 2023Ron Pope

Ron Pope, the talented musician from Marietta, Georgia, will be performing in Amsterdam in September 2023. Starting his musical journey at a young age, Pope co-wrote the hit song "A Drop in the Ocean" during his time at New York University. After signing with Universal Republic, he released two singles and then pursued an independent career. Pope and his wife founded Brooklyn Basement Records, representing artists like Truett. In 2017, he participated in a benefit concert at Carnegie Hall celebrating the music of Aretha Franklin. Everyone visiting this concert can anticipate an exceptional performance by Ron Pope in Amsterdam, showcasing his passion and musical prowess so you can enjoy the night.


September 26, 2023The Sisters Of Mercy

The Sisters of Mercy, the legendary English rock band formed in 1980, take the stage in Amsterdam this September! From their early underground fame to their commercial breakthrough in the mid-1980s, this band has left an indelible mark on the music scene. Despite their decision to cease new record releases in the 1990s as a protest against their record company, WEA, The Sisters of Mercy continue to enthrall audiences with their captivating live performances. Led by singer-songwriter Andrew Eldritch and accompanied by the iconic drum machine Doktor Avalanche, the band has released three original studio albums: "First and Last and Always" (1985), "Floodland" (1987), and "Vision Thing" (1990), each showcasing a different lineup. Alongside their musical endeavors, Eldritch and Avalanche were also involved in the Sisterhood, a notable side project connected to Eldritch's dispute with former band members. Prepare for an extraordinary night of music and nostalgia as The Sisters of Mercy deliver their timeless classics and electrifying energy in Amsterdam.


September 26, 2023Elvis Costello & Steve Nieve

Come and meet Elvis Costello and Steve Nieve, renowned musicians and long-time collaborators, who are set to perform together at an upcoming concert in Amsterdam in September 2023. With a career spanning over four decades, Elvis Costello has established himself as an influential singer-songwriter and record producer. He has been honored with numerous awards, including two Grammy Awards and a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Steve Nieve, a talented musician and composer, has been an integral part of Costello's backing bands, contributing to their success. His versatility as a session musician has further showcased his talent and earned him recognition in the industry. This upcoming concert promises to be a memorable event, bringing together the musical brilliance of Costello and Nieve for their fans in Amsterdam.


September 27, 2023Jazzanova

Take a note all jazz lovers - Jazzanova, the renowned German DJ/producer collective, is scheduled to perform in Amsterdam in September 2023. With a rich history since their formation in 1995, Jazzanova's music blends nu jazz, chill-out, and Latin jazz styles, captivating audiences worldwide. Their record label Sonar Kollektiv, established in 1997, showcases their diverse musical talents. In addition to their main project, Jazzanova members have also gained recognition as remixers for various artists, including Marschmellows, Ian Pooley, and Masters at Work. Their discography includes notable releases such as the album "Of All the Things" in 2008 and "Funkhaus Studio Sessions" in 2012, and their new studio album, "The Pool,"  released in June 2018. Get ready for an unforgettable evening of soulful and captivating music as Jazzanova graces the stage in Amsterdam.


September 28, 2023Highly Suspect

Highly Suspect, the American rock band known for their energetic performances, is set to rock Amsterdam in September 2023. The band, consisting of Rich and Ryan Meyer, Johnny Stevens, and Matt Kofos, has come a long way since their days as a bar cover band in Cape Cod. With producer Joel Hamilton, they recorded The Worst Humans EP after relocating to Brooklyn. Their debut studio album, Mister Asylum, garnered critical acclaim and Grammy nominations in 2015, with the hit song "Lydia" also receiving recognition. The success continued with their second album, The Boy Who Died Wolf, featuring chart-topping singles like "My Name Is Human" and "Little One." Their subsequent albums, MCID and The Midnight Demon Club, have further solidified their place in the rock music scene. Amsterdam fans can expect a fun-filled night of high-energy rock when Highly Suspect takes the stage in September 2023!


September 28, 2023 50 Cent

Attention all music lovers and tourists visiting Amsterdam in September 2023! Prepare for an electrifying event as the legendary rapper 50 Cent is giving a long-awaited encore to his renowned "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" tour with "The Final Lap" - a 20th-anniversary celebration of his debut studio album. With over 30 million albums sold worldwide and a Grammy Award under his belt, 50 Cent is a true icon in the music industry. The Amsterdam concert, scheduled for Thursday, 28 September, marks the beginning of the European leg of this thrilling tour. Groove to some of his greatest hits, including chart-topping songs like "P.I.M.P.," "Hate It or Love It," "Candy Shop," "The Woo," and "Magic Stick." 


September 29, 2023The National

The highly acclaimed indie rock band, The National, known for their introspective lyrics and captivating melodies, is set to perform in Amsterdam in September 2023. Founded by Matt Berninger, Aaron Dessner, Scott Devendorf, and Bryan Devendorf, the band has come a long way since their self-titled debut album in 2001. With the release of albums like "Alligator" (2005), "Boxer" (2007), and "High Violet" (2010), The National garnered widespread critical acclaim and increased their exposure significantly. Their album "Sleep Well Beast" (2017) even won them a Grammy Award. Having four of their albums included on NME's 2013 list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, The National's concert in Amsterdam promises to be an unforgettable musical experience for fans and newcomers alike.


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best live music venues in amsterdam

Ziggo Dome

Ziggo Dome

Address: De Passage 100, Amsterdam 1101 AX

Concerts Schedule and Tickets at Ziggo Dome in 2023

Review: Ziggo Dome is a world class concert venue that regularly hosts some of the most popular live music concerts in the music industry with headliners like Maroon 5, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake and Michael Buble. With a capacity of 17,000 guests, it definitely feels quite grand. The design of the venue itself is quite impressive with multiple levels for easier viewing. It is easily accessible by public transport, has lockers for storing coats and bags, earplugs, ATM, parking and more. Food and drinks can be a little expensive, as is the case with most large concert venues but the Ziggo Dome is definitely a great spot for Amsterdam concerts.

AFAS Live (formerly Heineken Music Hall)


Address: ArenA Boulevard 590, Amsterdam, near Johan Cruyff Arena

Concerts Schedule and Tickets at AFAS Live in 2023

Review: AFAS Live (formerly The Heineken Music Hall) is a top venue for Amsterdam concerts 2023, that has been attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year since 2001. Designed specifically for amplified music, the acoustics of the performance venue are quite impressive. It hosts some of the most popular artists in the music industry today such as Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey and Counting Crows among others. Heineken Music Hall has also been nominated several times for awards as the best international venue for live music. Visitors are welcome to dance more after each concert at an after show. There is a bar within the concert venue so guests can get drinks easily without missing out on the performances.


Paradiso Amsterdam

Address: Weteringschans 6-8 | Grachtengordel: East, Amsterdam 1017

Concerts Schedule and Tickets at Paradiso in 2023

Review: Paradiso has become a legendary institution hosting plenty of Amsterdam concerts 2023 and a must visit for those who love live music and dancing. The building in which the club is located was originally a church and was then converted into a pop music venue during the 60s. Even today, Paradiso has a very unique feel and character because of its history, it's gorgeous stained windows and the legendary performers that have performed at the club. Inside the club are multiple halls where you can enjoy different music. There are multiple bars throughout the club so it is easier to get a drink.

Koninklijk Theater Carre

Theater carre

Address: Amstel 115-125 | Grachtengordel: East, Amsterdam

Concerts Schedule and Tickets at Koninklijk Theater Carre in 2023

Review: Koninklijk Theater Carre is a historic venue that was originally built for circus shows but it manages to be a beautiful venue for Amsterdam concerts 2015 and performances even today. Located in East Amsterdam by the River Amstel, the theater is housed in a stunning building. The steep tiered seating arrangement has comfortable seating and great view for every seat. There are four different levels inside the theater and all are accessible through lifts and stairs. Most levels also have bars and restaurants. Entry and exit from the theater is quite quick and accessible. The theater also has ample cloak rooms to accommodate everyone's belongings.



Address: Concertgebouwplein 10 | Museum Quarter, Amsterdam 1071LN

Concerts Schedule and Tickets at Concertgebouw in 2023

Review: Concertgebouw is the world's second most visited classical music venue. With over 800 classical concerts and events each year and 850,000 visitors, it is definitely one of the busiest and the best performance venues in the city. Concertgebouw was built in the 19th century and has been visited over the years by a number of world renowned musicians. It is located in the Museum Quarter, has a beautiful classical architecture, a packed schedule of events and great acoustics. World renowned ensembles and orchestras often perform at this majestic venue of Amsterdam concerts 2023. If you visit on a Wednesday, you can even enjoy a free performance.

Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ

Muziekgebouw amsterdam

Address: Piet Heinkade 1, Amsterdam 1019 BR


Review: Muziekgebouw aan't IJ aan't IJ is a grand international concert venue in Amsterdam that attracts world, electronic pop, jazz and classical music performers from around the world. The architecture of the music hall is also quite impressive. Over the years this venue has earned several awards because of its excellent design and acoustics. The movable floors, walls and ceilings ensure that all Amsterdam concerts 2015 are tuned impeccably. The walls and seating is also movable so you can enjoy large concerts as well as intimate setting. There is a restaurant outside with large comfortable sofas, a diverse menu and a beautiful view of the water.

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