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I Amsterdam Card Review 2024

I Amsterdam Card

Among all Amsterdam city pass cards, I Amsterdam City Card is the most popular option because it provides access to more than 70 free activities in Amsterdam, plus discounts to many others.  It includes entrance to top Amsterdam museums, best attractions in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Zaanse Schans, Volendam etc; free canal cruise, unlimited use of the GVB public transport in Amsterdam (metro, tram, bus) and even free 24 hour bike rental! It will save you a lot of time and money if you are going to Amsterdam and are planning on at least few days to see the city's attractions and museums.

Important note: I Amsterdam City Card is meant for adults and kids over 12 years old only.

Let's take a look at things that I Amsterdam City Card is offering to you.

is i amsterdam card worth it

Many tourists are wondering if I Amsterdam City Card is worth it. As every visit to Amsterdam is different, it fully depends on your itinerary and things that you'd like to see on your Amsterdam trip.

If you are planning to stay in Amsterdam center, walk around without using public transport, relax in coffee shops and enjoy rich Amsterdam nightlife, then probably this card will not be a huge money saver for you.

However, if you are an active tourist who is planning to spend at least a few days in Amsterdam, if you have a busy itinerary with a plan to visit the most famous Amsterdam museums and to see as many attractions as possible, then it is worth to buy I Amsterdam City Card because it will save you a lot of time and money. I would say, if you are planning to spend more than two days in Amsterdam, actively browsing the city and visiting Amsterdam attractions, this card will be very helpful.

Also, it might be a good idea to book a cheaper hotel outside of the buzzing city center, and to commute to the Amsterdam center using I Amsterdam Card that gives you free, unlimited access to all the GVB public transport, including tram, bud and metro. This will save you some more cash! 

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where to buy i amsterdam city card

I Amsterdam City Card currently comes in a digital form (an app) and can be downloaded to your phone prior to your visit to Amsterdam. If you'd like to get a physical card, you can pick it up at I Amsterdam Store that is located at Amsterdam Central Station.

Based on most popular Amsterdam travel times, I Amsterdam City Card is offered for 24hrs, 48hrs, 72hrs, 96hrs or 120hrs - accordingly, you can use it for one, two, three, four or five days in a row.  Once you purchase I Amsterdam City Card and activate it in your app, you can use it in Amsterdam. The card time threshold is automatically activated on the first use at either a public transport or a museum, and remains valid for 24, 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours after each activation, depending on your selected option.

how it works - i amsterdam city card video review

what's included in i amsterdam city card

As mentioned above, I Amsterdam City Card includes many free entrance tickets to multiple top attractions and activities, plus provides significant discounts on other things to do in Amsterdam. Read the list and ask yourself, would you be using some of these activities, and what would it cost to you if you book them separately.

Important: you can use this pass for a single entry only, not multiple visits. Also, some museums require to book a time slot for your visit.

Here is a glimpse into the multitude of I Amsterdam City Card benefits:

  • Free use of public transport GVB in Amsterdam: buses, trams and metro. Important note: kids under 4 years old can ride public transport for free, however kids aged 4-11 years old cannot get I Amsterdam City card, so you will need to buy GVB Amsterdam Kids Transport Pass for them.
  • Free canal cruise with few canal cruise companies and start locations to choose from;
  • Free 24-hour bike rental, so you can feel like a real Amsterdam citizen;
  • City map right in your I Amsterdam Card app so you won't get lost;
  • Free access to many world famous Amsterdam museums and attractions, including THE Rijksmuseum, Royal Artis Zoo, Stedelijk Museum, Rembrandt House Museum, NEMO Science Museum, EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam Tulip Museum, Hermitage and over 20 others! See the full list of free museum entries here.
  • Up to 25% discounts on most popular attractions and shows such as entertainment venues, concerts, exhibitions and more - for example, discounted entry to Heineken Experience, Johan Cruijff ArenA and Amsterdam Dungeon;
  • Free attractions in the countryside just outside of Amsterdam! Regular cost of a daytrip to countryside with a tour guide vary from €50 to €200+
  • Free entry to Zaanse Schans with its windmills, Tzar Peter House and surrounding museums;
  • Free ticket to Enkhuizen with its historic sailboats and open air museum;
  • Free visit to Volendam - a fishing village with its fishing boats;
  • Also, free visit to the Island of Marken, connected to the mainland with a causeway, with its traditional wooden houses and costumes;

If that's not enough to convince you, take into account that almost every respectable tourist in Amsterdam will use the public transport system (save €7.50), take a canal cruise (save at least €30), will eat food (- 25%) and drink booze (-25%), and the rest is up to you!

most popular attractions with i amsterdam card

Here is a detailed list of the most popular museums, attractions and things to do you can get for free with the I Amsterdam museum card!

Free canal cruise on Amsterdam Canal Ring with I Amsterdam City CardFree canal cruise on Amsterdam Canal Ring with I Amsterdam City Card

Free Canal Cruise

You haven't been to Amsterdam if you haven't taken a canal cruise! The city boasts over one hundred kilometers of canals, adorned with gorgeous architecture, bridges and islands, and a very interesting historical structures. You can't miss the opportunity to see the city's top landmarks, including the Golden Bend, the Royal Palace and the Skinny Bridge, and take awesome pictures of the beautiful Canal Ring. Regular cost of a canal cruise is €130 and up, but it's free with the I Amsterdam City Card.

Artis Zoo in AmsterdamFree entry to Artis Zoo in Amsterdam with I Amsterdam Card

Free entry to Artis Royal Zoo for adults

Amsterdam's Artis Royal Zoo is among the best and the oldest zoos in Europe, albeit not the biggest. Located in the heart of Amsterdam in a beautiful park, the zoo could be easily overlooked. However, if you have kids - a visit to the Artis Royal Zoo is a must. It has all the kids' favorite animals including giraffes, lions, monkeys, crocodiles, and the animals look happy and well taken care of. Don't forget to also visit the Butterfly Pavilion with thousands of butterflies, the Aquarium with exotic fish, and the Planetarium with fascinating movies about space.

Please note that there is no kids' version of I Amsterdam City Card, and kids between 4 and 12 years old will need a ticket to Artis Zoo.


Amsterdam has a huge selection of very interesting museums you could spend your I Amsterdam museum card on, plus multiple attractions. Here is an alphabetical list of free museums that you can visit with I Amsterdam City Card.

* Please note that Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House Museum are NOT included in the list of free I Amsterdam City Card museums. 

Allard Pierson

Amsterdam Arena Stadium Tour

Amsterdam City Archive

Amsterdam Museum

Amsterdam Pipe Museum

Amsterdam Tulip Museum

Artis Royal Zoo

Bijzondere Collecties

De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam

Diamond Museum Amsterdam

Dutch Resistance Museum

EYE Film Museum


Heineken Experience

Hermitage Amsterdam

Hollandsche Schouwburg

Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

House of Bols

Houseboat Museum

Huis Marseille

Jewish Museum

Joods Historisch Kindermuseum

Madame Tussauds Amsterdam


Molen van Sloten - Kuiperijmuseum

Multatuli Museum

Museum De Dageraad

Museum Het Schip

Museum Our Lord in the Attic

Museum Tot Zover

Museum Van Loon

Museum Willet-Holthuysen

NEMO Science Museum

Oude Kerk

Pianola Museum

Portugese Synagoge

Rembrandt House Museum


Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

The Museum of the Canals

The National Maritime Museum


Click here to read the full list of benefits of I Amsterdam City Card

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