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Things to Do in Amsterdam in October 2024

Things to Do in October in Amsterdam

As October unfurls its vibrant colors in Amsterdam, you'll find so many exciting things to do in this charming European city! Whether you're in search of the best things to do in Amsterdam, fun-filled activities for adults, or even cheap yet delightful experiences, the city offers a rich tapestry of options. While the weather cools, the fun doesn't stop, and there's a wide array of activities for you to explore. Join us as we unveil the top choices for things to do in Amsterdam in October 2024, ensuring you have a memorable and enjoyable visit!

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For those seeking captivating indoor adventures, embark on the spellbinding "This is Holland" 5D Flight experience. And for music enthusiasts, October is the time for electronic dance music (EDM) aficionados to revel in the renowned Amsterdam Music Festival (AMF), part of the Amsterdam Dance Event!

As the month unfolds, Amsterdam's concert scene takes center stage with performances by Blink-182, Diana Ross, Fall Out Boy, Illenium, and 5 Seconds of Summer. And for travelers on a budget, discover five money-saving activities that allow you to savor the city's offerings without breaking the bank.

October in Amsterdam is a season of transition, a time when the city's charm takes on a new hue. Join us as we unveil the best things to do in Amsterdam in October 2024, from indoor adventures to thrilling matches and captivating exhibitions! Let's go!

Contents: Top 3 Amsterdam Tours :: This is Holland 5D Flight Experience :: Amsterdam Music Festival 2024 :: Amsterdam on Budget - Save Some Money! :: Best Amsterdam Concerts in October :: 

Amsterdam Weather in October

Amsterdam weather is getting colder in October, however colorful trees are only adding charm to this gorgeous city, and there are so many fun things to do! Amsterdam witnesses a range of temperatures accompanied by the occasional crisp breeze. To be well-prepared for the fluctuating weather, it's recommended to pack a mix of clothing layers. Throughout this period, the mercury climbs to an average high of approximately 14.7°C (58.5°F), providing relatively comfortable daytime conditions. As the sun sets, the temperature can dip to about 7.7°C (45.9°F), necessitating the need for warmer attire. Some cruises even offer warm blankets for guest comfort! Dressing in adaptable layers becomes crucial to navigate the day's temperature shifts seamlessly, and to enjoy your trip to Amsterdam in October!


TOP things to do IN AMSTERDAM IN october 2024

this is holland 5d flight experience - holland

This Is Holland 5D Flight Experience in Amsterdam

Price: starting from 23 Euros (free with Go City Amsterdam Explorer Pass)

Location: Overhoeksplein 51, 1031 KS, Amsterdam - near A'Dam Lookout

In October, it's time to switch to some indoor activities and experience the captivating This is Holland adventure in Amsterdam. Take flight in a breathtaking 5D journey over the Netherlands' highlights, including Amsterdam's canals, the Wadden Sea, and the Veluwe region. Engage your senses with special effects like wind and scent, truly immersing you in the experience of soaring through the clouds as you fly over Holland. This hour-long adventure comprises four segments, featuring a 9-minute 5D flight that will transport you over tulip fields and storms, offering a remarkable sense of escapism and wonder, and an interactive exhibition about Holland.

This Is Holland 5D Flight Experience is located near A'Dam Lookout and the Eye Film Institute, it also has a coffee shop, a waiting lounge and a nice gift shop. If you have Go City Amsterdam Explorer Pass, this attraction is free (included with 30+ other best Amsterdam attractions)! 

amsterdam music festival - amf 2024

Amsterdam Music Festival

When: October 19, 2024

Where: Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Music Festival (AMF) is a prominent electronic dance music (EDM) occasion held as a part of the Amsterdam Dance Event in mid-October in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Since its second edition in 2014, the main AMF event has found its home at the Johan Cruijff Arena. In past editions, the festival spanned multiple days, showcasing a diverse range of EDM genres including house, dance, techno, trance, and hardstyle. One of the festival's highlights is the announcement of the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs ranking, alongside the presentation of various prestigious awards, notably honoring the world's number one DJ. Click on the link below to get Amsterdam Music Festival tickets for October 2024!

amsterdam on budget - tips to save money

Experience the charm of Amsterdam without breaking the bank (look at the cute cow!) with these savvy money-saving tips! From the cost-effective Amsterdam Transfer train ticket to the budget-friendly GVB public transport pass, we'll show you how to navigate the city affordably. Dive into the city's iconic canals with a wallet-friendly canal cruise, explore its hidden gems using the Smartwalk Amsterdam Tour app, and stay connected without overspending with an eSim Mobile data plan. Get ready to make the most of your Amsterdam adventure without emptying your pockets!

Amsterdam On Budget Tips - How to Save Money While Visiting Amsterdam
  • Transfer Train Ticket from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam - In October, travelers in Amsterdam can greatly benefit from the train ticket option from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, which not only saves money but also provides a convenient and efficient way to navigate between the airport and the city. Children under 4 years old travel for free! Price: from 5 EUR per person
  • Tickets for GVB Amsterdam Public Transport - Discover the ease of navigating Amsterdam with inexpensive GVB Amsterdam Public Transport tickets! These passes provide wheelchair accessibility, instant delivery to your smartphone, and the flexibility to collect them from five convenient locations. They grant you unrestricted access to all GVB-operated trams, metros, and buses across the city, guaranteeing hassle-free transportation around the clock, regardless of the weather. Just perfect for those who want to explore Amsterdam on their own terms! Price: from 9 EUR per person
  • Amsterdam: Classic Boat Cruise with Cheese & Wine Option - Embark on an affordable one-hour covered canal cruise in Amsterdam. Sail along UNESCO Heritage listed Golden Age Canals and admire iconic sights such as the Maritime Museum, the historic Anne Frank House, and the charming Skinny Bridge. Choose between standard or upgraded options with unlimited Dutch cheese, wine, and more. With a friendly local skipper and hostess to guide you, this relaxing cruise offers an informative and budget-friendly way to explore the city's rich history and picturesque landmarks. Price: 18 EUR per person
  • SmartWalk Amsterdam Walking tour - Experience the SmartWalk Amsterdam, a self-guided walking tour available in October. Enjoy the flexibility of reserving your spot without immediate payment, with the added benefit of free cancellation up to 24 hours before the 3.5-hour duration tour. Price: from 10 EUR per group up to 4 people
  • Netherlands, Europe: eSim Mobile Data Plan - Stay seamlessly connected during your travels to the Netherlands or anywhere in Europe with the eSim Mobile Data Plan. Enjoy the flexibility of free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance, a range of data options, and the convenience of online purchase and instant activation. Price: from 8 EUR per person

top concerts in amsterdam in october 2024

Best Concerts In Amsterdam in October

October 1 - 5 Seconds of Summer

The electrifying pop rock sound of 5 Seconds of Summer will perform in a concert in Amsterdam in October 2023, promising an unforgettable night filled with incredible music and a high-energy atmosphere. With a massive following and a history of chart-topping albums, the Australian band's performance is highly anticipated by fans in the city - BUY TICKETS

... more concerts to be added soon!

Check out our full Amsterdam Concert Schedule following this link!

Check out other website pages to read useful tips about public transport in Amsterdam and things to know for your first visit. Also, see other attractions such as Red Light District area and best day trips from Amsterdam. But most of all, enjoy your stay!

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