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Things to Do in Amsterdam in August 2024

August in Amsterdam is full of things to do, big events and can be a great time to visit the city! Bike tours and canal boat cruises are still tourist favourites, together with day trips in and around Amsterdam.  So many great activities, and summer is almost gone, so let's waste no time and go to Amsterdam!

Contents: Top 3 Amsterdam Tours :: Enjoy Summer in Vondelpark :: Amsterdam Concerts in August :: Dekmantel Festival :: Amsterdam Coffee Shops Walking Tour :: Best Amsterdam B&Bs :: Visit Bruges on a Day Tour from Amsterdam :: 

Amsterdam weather in August

Do you know which is the most rainy month in Amsterdam during the year? Surprise - it's August! In August, Amsterdam experiences nice summer weather with mild temperatures and occasional (sometimes  even sudden) rainfall, including thunderstorms. It is advisable to pack raincoats and jackets to be prepared for the unpredictable weather. During this time, the average high temperature reaches around 22°C (71.6°F), while at night the temperature drops to 13°C (55.4°F). Take this into account, especially for those romantic night cruises in open boats! It's essential to dress in layers to accommodate the temperature fluctuations throughout the day, and don't forget to take a rain jacket or an umbrella with you. Otherwise, August is a popular tourist month with lots of families visiting Netherlands before the start of the school year. Let's go!


TOP things to do IN AMSTERDAM IN august 2024

summer in vondelpark 

Vondelpark in Amsterdam

Visiting Vondelpark in August is particularly appealing due to the pleasant summer weather. The warm temperatures and longer daylight hours provide an ideal setting for outdoor activities and enjoying the park's beauty to the fullest. 

Vondelpark is one of Amsterdam's most famous parks with beautiful English-style landscaping. There are so many things to do in Vondelpark! This park offers countless trails for hiking and bike riding, where visitors can spot charming bandstands and even a sculpture by Picasso. The serene pond is perfect for picnics, as herons and ducks waltz past, and there are also many cafes in the park. Vondelpark is a stunning location to walk, cycle, or relax on the grass or benches scattered throughout. People gather here to play music, hang out together, and engage in sports. Renting a bike is highly recommended to explore the park's hidden treasures like statues, plants, and flower gardens. Enjoy your August visit in Vondelpark!

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Concerts in Amsterdam in August


Check out our full Amsterdam Concert Schedule following this link!

Dekmantel Festival in amsterdam

Dekmantel Music Festival in Amsterdam

Dekmantel Festival, one of Europe's most renowned electronic music festivals, takes place annually between August 2nd and 6th. The festival is held in the beautiful Amsterdamse Bos, located in Amstelveen, just outside of Amsterdam. Since its inception in 2013, Dekmantel Festival has consistently delivered exceptional line-ups and cutting-edge productions, showcasing a deep appreciation for underground dance music. Founded by Thomas Martojo, Casper Tielrooij, and Matthijs Theben Terville, Dekmantel has evolved from a music label in 2009 to a global music company that hosts events and releases groundbreaking dance music. Their passion for off-kilter and high-quality music drives their commitment to offering a unique and memorable experience for festival-goers.

Amsterdam Coffee Shops Walking Tour

Coffee Shops Walking Tour in Amsterdam

Price: from 31 EUR; Duration: 2 hours

With so many Amsterdam coffee chops to choose from, it is easy to get lost - unless you have a local guide who will take you to the most popular coffee shops in Amsterdam, and will tell you a lot of interesting things on your way!

This 18+ Amsterdam Coffee Shops walking tour provides an immersive experience, offering insights into Amsterdam's coffee shop culture and the world of ganja. Available in Dutch, English, Spanish, and German, the 2 to 2.5-hour guided walking tour begins at one of the city's oldest coffee shops, providing a rich introduction to the local cannabis scene.

Led by a knowledgeable guide who is a current Amsterdam resident, follow the path to famous coffee shops, pubs, and hidden medieval sites. Choose between the shorter or longer tour option, visiting at least 1 or 2 coffee shops respectively, and up to 3 in total.

Other highlights of this Coffee Shops Walking Tour include interesting trivia facts about marijuana, introduction to the pot etiquette and practical knowledge about cannabis, space cookies, and other substances.

Discover Authentic Amsterdam: BEd & Breakfast

Amsterdam B&Bs

Ready to get in touch with Dutch culture on your visit to Amsterdam? Choosing a Bed & Breakfast (B&B) accommodation in Amsterdam offers a unique and charming way to experience the city. One of the key advantages of booking a B&B is the personalized and intimate experience it provides. Unlike larger hotels, B&Bs are often run by local hosts who offer a warm and welcoming environment, making you feel like a guest in their home. Another advantage is the authentic local insight you can gain from your hosts, who are often happy to share recommendations for hidden gems and lesser-known attractions. B&Bs are typically located in residential neighborhoods, giving you a chance to live like a local and immerse yourself in the local culture. Additionally, the homemade breakfasts served in B&Bs are a delightful treat, often featuring fresh and locally sourced ingredients. All in all, opting for a B&B offers not just a place to stay, but a truly immersive and memorable experience that captures the essence of Amsterdam.

Best Amsterdam B&Bs: Your Home Away from Home in the City

  • Breitner House - Breitner House in Amsterdam offers a unique and unforgettable B&B experience with beautifully decorated rooms in early 20th-century style, a delightful breakfast, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Guests can enjoy the historical value of the interior layout while being greeted with two lovely bottles of wine and chocolates.
  • Eelhouse Bed&Breakfast - Eelhouse B&B offers a range of amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for guests. The inviting and comfortable rooms provide modern facilities such as free high-speed internet, a flatscreen TV, and complimentary toiletries. Guests can enjoy a delicious breakfast, either in their room or in the dining area. The B&B is a non-smoking establishment, and each room includes conveniences like an iron, coffee/tea maker, microwave, minibar, hair dryer, and refrigerator. One of the highlights of this B&B is the timeless view out the window, which has remained unchanged for centuries. The owner, Daphne, adds a personal touch to the experience with her warm and caring demeanor, making guests feel right at home.
  • Bed & Breakfast Helmers - Bed & Breakfast Helmers Amsterdam offers excellent rooms with top-notch facilities, including air conditioning, a flatscreen TV, and a private bathroom. Guests can enjoy a delicious complimentary breakfast with homemade treats and receive exceptional hospitality from the welcoming hosts, Fons and Odette.
  • Garden View Bed and Breakfast - This gorgeous Amsterdam B&B is a non-smoking hotel located in a wealthy residential area with excellent transportation links. Nestled in a serene setting, this highly sought-after establishment, owned by Nessie, offers a remarkable experience. With free high-speed internet, a minibar, refrigerator, and flatscreen TV, guests can enjoy a comfortable stay. The beds are known for their exceptional comfort, catering even to troubled sleepers. Booking months in advance is recommended due to the high demand for this outstanding bed and breakfast.
  • The Tulip of Amsterdam B&B - The Tulip of Amsterdam offers a delightful B&B experience with its authentic and pleasant atmosphere. Guests can enjoy modern amenities like free WiFi, non-smoking rooms, heating, daily housekeeping, and luggage storage, creating a homely and comfortable stay, surpassing traditional hostel accommodations. Additionally, communication with David, the host, is easy and enjoyable, adding to the overall positive experience of the stay.

Full-Day Bruges Medieval City Tour from Amsterdam

Day Trip to Bruges from Amsterdam

Price: from 65 EUR - Duration: 12 hours (full day)

Visit unique medieval city Bruges in Belgium that is just a short trip away from Amsterdam on this full-day tour to Bruges from Amsterdam! You'll have the opportunity to discover this captivating destination at your own pace, while our knowledgeable guide shares insights into its history and culture. Sit back and relax in a comfortable coach bus as we take you to Bruges, renowned for its timeless beauty and well-preserved medieval architecture that transports visitors to another era. The city's enchanting canals, cobblestone streets, and picturesque squares create a truly magical atmosphere.

Upon arrival, take your time to explore the city's charming churches, canals, and shops. There are so many things to do in Bruges! Don't forget to treat yourself to the famous Belgian chocolates and capture photos with the iconic windmills. Start your exploration with insights into Belgium's history and Bruges' unique heritage that is protected by UNESCO. Highlights include the romantic Lake of Love and the medieval Begijnhof. Wander through the historic city center, discover the secrets of Belgium's renowned beer culture, and marvel at the elegant Church of Our Lady. Stroll along the picturesque Dyver canal and continue your journey to iconic landmarks such as Walplein Square, Gruuthuse Palace, and the breathtaking Burg Square with its Gothic Town Hall.

As your immersive journey concludes in the vibrant Grote Markt, the heart of Bruges, you'll be provided with recommendations for dining, shopping, and relaxation during your three hours of free time in the city. This popular day trip is one of the greatest ways to spend an August day in Amsterdam!

Dear visitors, please check our navigation menus to see more canal cruises and tours available in Amsterdam in August. Also, don't forget to read some tourist information about city transport and things to know. And most of all - enjoy your time in Amsterdam!

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