Things to Do in Amsterdam
February 2013

Visit Amsterdam on a budget and get the cheapest airline tickets of the year in the month February. Even in winter there are plenty of things to do in Amsterdam. February 2013 has lots of special events we will show you here and the museums are nice, warm and cosy inside and so are the restaurants, bars and pubs. 

February is a real winter month, that means in the Netherlands, some snow, some ice, some rain and cold. It can be everything, but if you are lucky to meet the real winter in Amsterdam you could go ice skating on the Canals !!!

There is still lots of fun to have, even in winter.

ice skating Amsterdam

Ice skating on the Keizersgracht in 2012

TOP PICKS of Things to Do in Amsterdam
February 2013

Tour and Free Concert Concert Hall

Don't miss this unique opportunity! You will get a tour behind the stage of the world's most modern concert hall and after that a free lunch concert.

This event takes place in the Muziekgebouw (Concert Hall) on:

Tuesday February 26th at 11.00 a.m.

After the tour you get the free lunch concert.

If you like classical music, this is always a good place to check out, because they have very good concerts, ensembles, but also modern bands and music. Something for everybody! Even for kids there is sound garden (music workshop).

Check out the famous Amsterdam Music Hall and order tickets here: Muziekgebouw aan het IJ

Festival Something Raw

This is a yearly event, but this year the real festival will be in October, but they offer a sneek-peak from February 13 until February 16th.

This international festival is all about dance, performance, light and sound show. Something spectacular!

These performances are in theater Frascati, right in the center of Amsterdam, behind the Dam Square.

Address: Nes 63

Some performances take place at theater the Brakke Grond (very close by)

Address: Nes 45

Check out this festival: Theater Frascati

Amsterdam Museum

Special exhibition about the Golden Age. 2013 marks the 400 year's existence of the famous Amsterdam Canals.

A modern multi-media exhibition and also a display of famous historical paintings and objects. Learn about the history of Amsterdam in its most famous century of wealth, art, commerce but also war and slavery. And the beginning of the construction of the Canals.

michiel de ruyter, amsterdam museum

This exhibition runs until the end of August.

The museum is located in the center of Amsterdam.

Entrances:  Kalverstraat 92 and Sint Luci├źnsteeg 27.

Open every day from 10.00 a.m. until  5.00 p.m.

Price: 10 Euro for adults. The IAmsterdamCard  gives free entrance.

Here you can see where the Amsterdam Museum is located.

culinary entertainment

Your special evening out is here!

Enjoy a delicious diner made by a famous and rewarded Dutch chef, while enjoying a stunning show of acrobats, humor and thrilling performances.

Situated in an historical "mirror" palace for a unique 3,5 hour experience.

To get here: Take a train to station Bijlmer/Arena. Or take  metro 54 from the Central Station direction Gein. It is next to the Heineken Music Hall.

HURRY, almost sold-out!

Get your tickets here: Palazzo

ICE Skating Amsterdam

Winter fun in the heart of Amsterdam !

Dutch people are famous for their ice skating and almost everybody loves to do it. If the winter is strong, like it was in 2012 you could have a chance to skate on the Canals, if not, you can go to the Museumplein. There is a ice skating ring until 14 February.

Here you can rent skates, get hot chocolate and eat the famous Dutch tradition of "Oliebollen". Fried dough with appels and raisins with sugar. Super Yummie!

Dutch entertainment!

ice skating amsterdam

We hope you enjoyed our selection of things to do in Amsterdam February 2013. The events pages are going to be continued as the year goes on. We will keep you updated and show you the best concerts, exhibits and events. To make sure you don't miss our updates, you can follow Amsterdam-2-go by clicking on one of its social media buttons.

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