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Compare the IAmsterdam Card and the Holland Pass

It's  a fact that Amsterdam city pass is invaluable for tourists. But there are two passes in Amsterdam, so many tourists aren't sure which one is better. Let's compare the IAmsterdam Card and the Holland Pass.

Benefits of Holland Pass and IAmsterdam Card

Both cards gives you free or discounted entries to certain museums, and free public transport.  Both are recommended for tourists if:

  • You going to use the public transport. Driving a car yourself is quite a hassle in the city of Amsterdam. The streets are narrow, there are all sorts of traffic on the road and finding a parking spot is nearly impossible or expensive. Also taking a streetcar (tram) is a unique experience for most visitors. Both of these cards offer you free public transportation.
  • You are going to visit a couple of the most famous museums in Amsterdam, such as the Rijksmuseum, VanGogh Museum , the Stedelijk Museum or others. 

Quick Comparison

To help you decide which is the best Amsterdam city pass for you, I made this quick comparison table of the MOST in-demand perks.



Number of free museums :

Free public transport:

Skip the line

Amsterdam Canal cruise   

Amsterdam city tour

Holland Pass

2 tickets - € 35,00

5 tickets - € 52,00

7 tickets - € 72,00

KIDS - € 39,00

2, 5, or 7

24 hours with 2 and 5 tickets

48 hours with 7 tickets


An option - may be used as 1 of the

2, 5 or 7 tickets

Can be selected instead of free public transport

IAmsterdam Card

24 hours - € 49.00

48 hours - € 59.00

72 hours - € 69.00


48 hours or 72 hours,

depending on the option.




 The main difference between the Holland Pass and the IAmsterdam Card is that the Holland Pass gives you  2, 5 or 7 free tickets to museums of your choice, and the IAmsterdam Card gives you free access to multiple museums during a period of 48 or 72 hours.

As you can see from this table, the main factor in deciding which Amsterdam pass you need should be  how much sightseeing you want. If you want more - choose IAmsterdam Card. If you want less - choose the Holland Pass.

 difference Between IAmsterdam Card And Holland Pass

This Holland Pass is an Amsterdam city pass that comes in three versions: 2, 5 or 7 free tickets and besides that it gives you a discount card that you can use on a lot of other museums as well as restaurants and shopping.

The 2- and 5-free ticket passes include a 24 hours of public transport OR a 1.5 hour city tour. The 7-free-tickets pass includes 48 hours of free public transport, OR a  hop-on-hop-of bus tour. 

The museums are color and picture coded. Some museums have an icon of golden tulip, other museums have an icon of silver windmill. You can use golden passes for museums marked as golden tulips, and silver passes  for museums marked as silver windmills. If you used all your free passes, you can still use your discount card.

The Holland Pass also gives you discounts to other major attractions outside Amsterdam, as well as a discount on the one day train ticket through Holland during off-peak hours.

This Amsterdam city pass also entitles you to skip the line at all major museums !

This Amsterdam City pass is pretty straightforward. You can buy the IAmsterdam City Card for 24, 48 or 72 hours.

In the chosen time span you get free public transport by tram (streetcars), bus and subway, free entrance to major museums and a lot of smaller museums. 

 The IAmsterdam Card also offers a free Canal Cruise with the following canal cruise companies:

• Holland International Rondvaart
• Blue Boat Company
• Gray Line
• Canal Bus Orange Line
• Rederij Lovers
• See Amsterdam Canal Tours

or Holland International. And you can get discounts on bike rental, comedy shows and restaurants.

It also comes with a detailed city map of Amsterdam.

You see that whatever Amsterdam city pass you choose, you will easily get your money back with both.

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