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Where to Stay in Amsterdam

HOW do you know where to stay in Amsterdam?

How does one make that decision?

It is important to know a little bit about the city before you can decide where to stay in Amsterdam. Where do you want to go to, what do you want to see? Which neighborhoods are good, or beautiful, or interesting?

where to stay in Amsterda

Which accommodations are ideal to rent, considering the costs involved, the location and proximity to transportation hubs? When you look to rent apartment Amsterdam will not leave you wanting for choices.

How much money do you have/ or are willing to spend on your place for staying in Amsterdam?

A lot of things to consider and that's why there is such a great variety of places to stay, so everybody can chose something to his likings and wallet.

The Amsterdam Neighborhoods are divided into the Old Centre, the Canals, The Museum quarter, the Jordaan and The Jewish quarter. The Canals are of course a great spot to find hotels, houseboats and Bed and Breakfasts. It is not true that on the side of the canals the prices are most expensive. Some are, some aren't. Take a good look around.

Then the Jordaan is a good spot to look for hotels. It is a very beautiful neighborhood, with lots of small galleries and boutiques. Very nice to stay here.

But if you like to enjoy nightlife, the Old Centre may be a good choice for you. Close to the Red Light District, coffeeshops and night clubs.

To learn more about the Amsterdam Neighborhoods, go here.

Our Selection of Places to Stay:

In the five star section we made a selection of fine hotels. Hotels with established names, great reviews, good service, great locations and 5 star restaurants inside.

For people who have something to celebrate and are willing to spend more money for a convenient stay with lots of amenities. No doubt you will enjoy your stay here in luxury.

Then we made a section of best hotels. These hotels go for the middle ground: less amenities, but still good rooms and service. Great deals can be found here.

And of course there are budget hotels for people on a tight budget or the more adventurous traveler. Here also we researched thoroughly to find you the most reasonable hotels, on good locations and offering the best deals for you money.

Bed and Breakfasts offer the flexibility of sleeping have breakfast and of you go. Nicely decorated rooms, from mostly private owners gives you the feeling of Independence. You will feel right at home and still you are in the center of "the Venice of the North". We have selected outstanding B&B's, with perfect reviews and great service.

Then we have my favorite: The Houseboats !

You can be surprised by staying on a houseboat. A unique experience and often accompanied by great service and high quality. The views on the Canals alone make this a unforgettable stay in Amsterdam.

Hopefully you can make a well thought decision after all the information on this and other pages about where to stay in Amsterdam.

Whatever your choice is: Enjoy your stay in Amsterdam !

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